Christmas spirit shines through...

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US).... Five Videos

-VIDEO: Angels sing by Candle light: [View]

A lot of Love in the air...
Crunchy snow, Christmas carols, neighbors helping & giving...
(California 'bright blue skies' w/ golden rays of sun, to you!)

Everything has its "flip side"...
-Video: Biden War on Christmas: [view]
(ht: instapundit)

-Video: Happy "de-funded" New Year! *<[;o)~~
NPR Reporter Nina Totenberg:
"I was at – forgive the expression– a Christmas party."
(HT/ newsbusters )

-Video: So Long To Ya, 2010 (Adieu, en 2012!) [View]
(ht/Zip-Jab; et BigFurHat)

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