GBI 'failed intercepts' show U.S. #1 Priority is not "limits" on missile defense options

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Riki Ellison [MDAA], a top expert in the field of global missile defense, gives analysis: "Defense of U.S. Homeland, is top priority."[read]
From START: Article V, Section 3:
Each Party shall not convert and shall not use ICBM Launchers and SLBM Launchers for placement of Missile Defense interceptors therein.
Sea-based Sub defense restrictions? Why kill 6 additional Aegis Ballistic Missile Defense ships with long-range surveillance & tracking capability? [upgrade by 2012/2013]

Why gamble with defending our homeland?
More U.S. harm; as safety issues are hit with wrong priorities. We're limiting our defense, and others are not? [READ] ...And look who's planning med-range Shahab 3 on [neighborhood soil]

-Video from WSJ: [view]

More hope & change... This time, nuclear defense...
"Now we can be sure the new START agreement will be completed on time, because the vexing issue of missile defense and how it affects the strategic balance has been removed for the time being.....That's quite an important matter." -Lukyanov.
Intelligence shows new info on Russia's SLBMs w/ "nuclear payloads; as tactical nukes are deployed to NATO borders...[read] #%@

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