(R) Gov Christie led Dems to actually take up Tax-cuts; signs I.A. reform to curb prop taxes; & frees innocent NJ prisoner

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

The N.J Governor's skill of keeping those from being alienated in discussion has left the decision-making for the State, connected & productive...

-Video, at Democrats' job bill press conference, 12/3/10:

Gov Christie signs long-overdue interest arbitration reform into law today. Providing municipalities with the tools they need to keep prop taxes down.

And as 'out of control' budget shortfalls of the past, fail to make it past the Governor’s desk... What is needed in Washington, is to prevent supplemental 2011 spending from returning to unchecked spending... :D

-And look at this....
The Governor commutes the seven year sentence of Brian Aitken... Who, in lieu of his innocence, appears to have fallen prey to Draconian Laws within the State's legal system...
Aitken's father, Larry, could barely speak when reached Monday, but thanked "Governor Chris Chringle." [read]

The commuted sentence (instead of pardon) came after he was willfully denied his only protections... This has left in-tact, the potential for arbitrate revisions of law; without jury nullification... (in my view)
More CC Videos...
Video: Governor Christie: [Video]
Telling it like it is; Getting things done :D

Video: 'Honest & Refreshing' [View]
Video: Also un-stoppable against corruption...
Including Unions that siphon from Children's Education.

N.J. Gov Christie aborts $7,500,000 for Planned Parenthood
"State spending has been reset to levels the taxpayers can afford," said Christie in a message to New Jersey’s Democrat-dominated legislature. [read]

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