Illustration shows "Tree of Liberty" labeled "Opposition Tree"

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Commons: James Gillray 1798; Source Library of Congress

The Housing Market is foretold in this illustration... As Free Enterprise, our Constitution, and Capitalism, is misunderstood, perverted, and distorted, by the Social Progressives...(aka: Social Democrats)

"Liberty Tree" is referenced as, "in opposition." [Note] its gnarly branches (labeled: rights of man) & roots labeled envy, ambition, & disappointment.
Each rotten apple has an inscription: democracy, treason, slavery, etc.

In the background (just out of reach) is the "ruling Class" tree, called "Justice".. With branches of Law, inscribed: Freedom, Happiness, & Security.

We tasted of Freedom as Capitalists & entrepreneurs; and fed the world with knowledge, aid, quality, and evolution of technology...

-Government calls us, greedy Americans?
The Fed has been using our money to bail out foreign countries for years. here, here, here, here, here & here. -ZH. (more later)

FACT: Government intervention in Markets, drive up price, cause shortages, inflict rationing, induce slavery... While un-kept promises, guilt-trips, & manipulation; use the name of "greater good" as glue...
Today's News...
HOME OF THE BRAVE: [read full] (ht/ace)
Balancing the Federal Budget.
A Nonbinding Referendum Calling for an
Amendment to the United States Constitution.

Q: In order to stop the uncontrolled growth of our national debt and prevent excessive borrowing by the Federal Government, which threatens our economy and national security, should the United States Constitution be amended to require a balanced federal budget without raising taxes?

A: Almost 5 million votes cast; over 71% say, " YES"

ABOUT IMAGE ABOVE: The Tree of LIBERTY, – with, the Devil tempting John Bull: A caricature by James Gillray, showing Charles James Fox as Satan, tempting John Bull with the rotten fruit of the opposition tree of Liberty.... John's pockets are already full with the golden apples of the loyalist tree in the background.

In the background is an oak in full leaf: its trunk is "Justice", the roots Commons, King, Lords, the branches Laws and Religion. From it hangs a crown surrounded by apples, some inscribed Freedom, Happiness, Security. Commons: James Gillray (1757–1815) Etching, hand-colored. London : pubd. by H. Humphrey, Date 23 May 1798; Source Library of Congress

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