US Electorate shows mass rejection of FED interventions & progressive job-kill policy

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

But NOoooo....
Progressive Left sees potentially MORE Fed infusions, and MORE Progressive Pelosi; as current plan to foist [$600 billion] in “quantitative easing” upon the American Tax-payers; nears the Dem-controlled Senate...
American People want this derailed!
-Video: IOTW ("progressive economics 101")

Progressives' unlimited spending of our "Borrowed Money"
Triggered "680 seats; bigger than the 94 Republican wave (472). [MAP]
HT/Ace: "Hopefully the Tidal Wave wipes out the prospective progressive farm team for future runs for Congress and statewide office."

From gateway:
Unreal...Obama Admits Failure… On Message Not On Policy
VIDEO shows that he can’t admit his Keynesian economic plan was a complete disaster. [view]

From Michelle:
Obama’s budget proposal is a soak-the-rich scheme:
(adorned with a few business tax breaks) that would — for starters — impose nearly $1 trillion in higher taxes on couples making more than $250,000 and individuals making more than $200,000... [read]

WH fails to reveal costs of Indian Trip: [read]
Like, who are "we" to question the timing of adding more Tax-payer debt? We are their employers... And who are they? Rapidly becoming "fully" unemployed Bureaucrats.. Americans will not be backed against the wall, for long.

In my view, "US Progressives" may even be sending Indian Leftists the wrong message... -Austin Bay: America's Evolving Passage to India [here]

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