Off to the Polls: election reflections

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Leaving to vote... On one side of my community, Obama Justice Dept puts the State on an enemy list; but was found in U.S. Court of Appeals for the 9th Circuit, to be without [argument] ...And on other side of my community; Dem's new programs threaten to drain life, Liberty, & Property!
-More than just a vote to retain American Freedoms & Liberties at the home-front... PERSPECTIVE: "You have the right to vote today, a right bought and paid for in blood by generations past and a generation fighting this very day." [read]
-A few reflections on this Vote Day in America...
-This one from Gov. Christie (Twitter)
"It is time for a new California. Vote today for @Whitman2010.
Meg will bring common sense and toughness to Sacramento.
Don't go backwards CA".... GovChristie

-Video: Mary Katharine Ham covers rally of "self-deception" (ht/—Ace) [View]
Obamabots haven't read about the Historic 38 Frederick Douglass, Teaparty-endorsed Republicans; who await vote into body of House & Senate!
-2010 (38) Black Republican Candidates: [list]
-Humbly & FREELY, observe a DEM (62 to 111) upset.

-Video: Eviction Day 2010! [view]
Standing up for Liberty, & integrity; as our Constitution is cornerstone of our Republic...YES!

-Can I ask you to pray for America today? [read]
"Pray for us all to have strength, wisdom, courage, and immense creativity beginning tomorrow, November 3rd, as we begin efforts to stop Obama’s re-election and defeat not just the remaining Democrats in Congress in 2012…
-Note: They were once Democrats, which instills my faith that "We the People" will Unite today; to remove the political machines who strive to make us subjects... Not in the USA!

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