Corruptocrat Rangel removes himself from ethics hearing; colleagues finally proceed?

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Given [5 months] to prepare, Rangel says he needs more time, hadn't had time to read; now being denied the right to a lawyer.
Busy w/ his re-election bid...
-Term limits, people!

Charged with 13 counts of fundraising and financial conduct that allegedly violated House rules.. Rangel once wielded great influence as chairman of the tax-writing Ways and Means Committee; raising millions for fellow lawmakers' campaigns...[read]

The official acting as prosecutor said the facts were so clear there was no need to call witnesses, and panel members agreed... [more]

(ht/Gateway) Rangel Ethics Trial:
-Sunlight Foundation Hosts [LIVE]

Five months to prepare, and says he didn't get a chance to "read it"... Too bad not a single Democrat thought like that, before they rammed the "un-read" Obamacare debacle, into law...

The most unaccountable (former) House Majority in History...
VIDEO: And here's their (former) Queen BEE! [view]

Definite pattern here...
They didn't hear it, before they approved it... They hadn't read it, before they passed it... They weren't really for it, after they voted it into Law... Even the word "progressive" holds a sort-of "unaccountability" to it.

Before Bush was gone...
If GOP Minority couldn't stop them from passing destructive Legislation, it must have been Bush's fault! And when they were too quick to sign "party-line" bills without proper safe-guards... Well then, someone misled them.

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