Billionaires Buffett and Gates hopeful China's wealthy will embrace philanthropy

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Private BRIC Summit: Brazil; 4/15/2010

Wondering if they will take as active interest in giving massive flows of World AID, as US... But amid China's Economic Boom, Philanthropy Lags. [read]

The World's best U.S. philanthropists visit China, with hope that China will embrace Int'l giving; as the US loss of jobs and earnings in the US, is always a US concern for the world's poorest.... So we will see...

Video: Mr Buffett and Gates: [here]

Though China's number of billionaires is second only to the US, Japanese still appear more charitable in general than the Chinese... According to the 2010 World Giving Index, released by the Charities Aid foundation...#

China says, US Problem is Not a China Problem... [read]
"China's currency is considered undervalued by 23%-40%. Economist Robert Scott estimates the United States will lose half a million jobs to China in 2010 alone. Fred Bergsten of the Peterson Institute estimates China's currency manipulation costs the United States 1.4 percentage points in GDP annually.

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China Receives $2.5 Billion In Foreign Aid From Countries In Debt
Sep 25, 2010... It's almost as if Japan (Or the U.S.) gives aid money to China.... With all the money China have in reserve it still receives aid? [read]

South Africa excluded as an emerging economic power?
(---) Brazil and India leaving South Africa in the IBSA lurch while joining forces with China and Russia in BRIC. [read]

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