US Flag waves extra today, as hundreds of bikers ride in support of "flag banned" kid

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Government's 'downgrade on Liberty' should be a rapidly correctable mistake... Removing threat of communism in WH, and Gov school system, might take a little longer... (story, to be continued)

Video ht: ZIP, & Creative Minority

We expect Constitutional Government to return; as running a country where GOV works to reduce the liberties of its people; is in no way a reflection of the essence of U.S. Leadership...
In fact, the vote-removal of such Government and its barriers, become the, "essence of American Freedom."

Our flag is a reminder, and symbol of Courage...
(ht: IOTW)

The Flag Man from VideoTrekker Films on Vimeo.

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