Obama White House refuses IBM's 'free' offer to hunt out health care waste, fraud, and abuse

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Real Clear Politics, which represents both sides of the political spectrum, asks the puzzling question:
FNC: Did White House Snub Fraud Fighter? #

IBM CEO informs us that after IBM's work to prepare proposal, the Obama Administration turned down, what essentially became a FREE offer to hunt out health care abuse, which in truth to quality...
Would have saved Taxpayers around 900 billion dollars!

-Mort Zuckerman discusses:

Putting 30 million people into a broken system?

-Blueyon, from Freeps, explains it...
"In order to get this country to accept socialized medicine and all its warts, the system must collapse... Trying to fix what’s actually wrong would prolong their inevitable goal... The ‘Progressives’ are not patient."

The only few U.S. examples with healthcare similar to this program have tripled rates; & are bankrupting states that have implemented it.

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