A Conversation with Dr. Thomas Sowell: One of America's Leading Conservatives (video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Anyone can see the direction of the current leadership; as mistake after mistake continues to cripple our Nation's earners...

-Video: Re-cap of 2009/10...

Dr. Thomas Sowell, in his most recent book titled: "Dismantling America" gives a stark warning about the current direction of the country...
-Interview with Jim Glassman, is worth the view, as we've 24 days to prevent current Congress from widening its economical destruction of our Nation. (26:46 min)

ABOUT: Thomas Sowell, distinguished award winning Author, Economist, Professor, Director, Lecturer, and Researcher; has written over forty-six, (46) books which cover a range of topics; from classic economic theory to civil rights, from social policy to the history of ideas...

His widely read [syndicated column] appears in newspapers across the country; of which he (additionally) talks about his life...
["Looking back."]
His most recent books on economics include: Housing Boom and Bust (2009), Intellectuals and Society (2009), Applied Economics (2009), Economic Facts and Fallacies (2008), Basic Economics (2007), and Affirmative Action Around the World (2004).

-He received the Bradley Prize for intellectual achievement in 2003; and in 2002, was awarded the National Humanities Medal...

-Dr. Sowell's Autobiography: ["A Personal Odyssey" ]
-Introduction: [ ]
(---) from Harlem to the Marines, the Ivy League, and a career as a controversial writer, teacher, and economist in government and private industry...[more. ]

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