Nov 2nd! America's finest take lead; as US emerges from a rubble of career politicians (Videos)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

NOTE: Candidates do not imply endorsement by any of US Military branches.

Ilario Pantano, Republican candidate challenges seven-term Rep. Mike McIntyre (D-NC-07.) Pantano is committed to promoting job creation, revitalizing the economy, protecting the homeland, & preserving our conservative values.
-USMC, America's finest, most dedicated...
Pantano has served honorably, in war and in peace. A Documentary media consultant, w/ many clients such as Nat’l Geo… Experienced in Global & business markets: [more]
-VIDEO: [view]
-DONATE: [pantano site]

NOTE: Democrat's Media creates its own "guilty verdict" against Pantano; after the Marine was unanimously proven innocent in the (smear) of FALSE accusations from disgruntled associate.

Fiscal conservative Charles Lollar (R-Cand, MD) poised to take down current 30 year (D) Majority Leader Hoyer! -Great video, truly fine person...

Charles Lollar is a well educated, highly accredited & decorated officer; presently serving as Major in the Marine Corps Reserves; as an intelligence officer.
-DONATE: lollarforcongress

-Maryland Congressional Candidate Lollar;
Combines Tea Party Zeal w/ GOP Base:

"He knows how to speak in memorable sound bites, and he is unafraid to embrace the full spectrum of limited government conservatism." [read]

-Support: ; -(more later)

-And yet another career politician, hits the rubble-pile...
-Dingle Dangles in Detroit: [read]
The resident fossil of the US House, is in big trouble; as longest member of 39 years shrinks in polls against the ever-awesome, Dr. Steele!
-VIDEO: [must view]

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