Democrats, this is what a radical Republican looks like (NRO)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

-Kevin D. Williamson, on the Obama statement: #
"It took time to free the slaves. It took time for women to get the vote"

Kevin reminds that freedom for slaves, and end of women’s suffrage, took place almost entirely within the Republican party. [must read!]

Perfect timing to mention the "partisan" re-writes and omits of the facts of history... Still riddled throughout the Democrat party.

Take for instance, this video of History:
(2-min excerpt) -VIDEO: [view]

Frederick Douglass
(Photograph, c. 1870)

Douglass -IS- the Republican Party.

About Video: Notice how the (2010) civil-rights Democrat (in video) uses the Frederick Douglass documentary to get his Jab at Republican Abolitionists; in his claim that Abolitionists knew nothing about slavery... But then, fails to mention the REAL history of the Democrat Party, who were the venomous "opposition party" against Freedom of Slaves…

...And at the end of the clip; the female narrator says that Douglass, starts out under the "cover of slavery" and -'ends up, outside of it.'

Some Clarifications:
The act of "ending up" is not the same as "doing"...

(1) ending up, is the result of following fate...

(2) doing, is to 'exercise the Freedom to do so'...
(absent reservations or conflicting thought.)

Here-in lies (one) of the core distinctions of why Dems remain hopelessly stuck in divisions on Race...(and many other divisive issues, as well.)

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