Nov 2nd: California will either vote (R) to become Competitive; or (D) to drive deeper into Debt w/ wasteful Spend/Taxation

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

-California Silicon Valley voters say Meg Whitman would bring an innovative approach to Sacramento... And so do both business Tax-payers and those 'unemployed' and looking for work...
-Video: The Mission: [view]
-Read: The Platform: [here]

Liberal Tax/spend means extra inflated goods for unsuspecting voters... California MUST elect a fresh new Legislative, to reverse course.

Today's Links...
-View (I) Dan Mitchell's Video Library:
Everything you need to know about freedom & prosperity, is [here]

--(R) Gov, Schwarzenegger slowed (D) majority, tax/spend...
Don't expect to see fiscal policy w/out Conservatives to slow down spending & Tax-payer funded waste... State debt problems will worsen. [read]

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