Political pandering: Dems throw "potential" voters more crumbs & historical distortions

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Obama chants to a RAZA (race) group: [VIDEO]
"Mexicans" were here "long before America was even an idea"
(USA was an independent nation 34 years before Mexico was a country)

-Ask the Hopis "Hopituh Shi-nu-mu"
-From Pleiadians Chuhukon.

How "those who cling together" kept organized into matrilineal clans; while under STRAIN by tribes of "Resistance"

-Hopi snake dance; Arizona 1910

-More about Mexico....
"Mexico" from "Mestizo" -Meaning: mixed parentage; became an independent nation in the 1800's; connected to genealogy of Spanish Imperialists, which made-up "raza" (race) of 60% of Mexicans; of whose origins were largely, "born of resistance."

Throughout the history of Mexico's use of "strong sense of resistance" they formed "foreign nationalist aspirations"... which left their own Nation in abject poverty, lawlessness, & unaddressed corruption.. Whilst in quest of U.S.

"Born of scientific and educational advances" Colonist settlers had already achieved success, evidenced in the archives in European history...
They gave-up security, and brought knowledge. [more]
-Family Physician history: [more]

One can't help but notice how Obama's translations, Constitutional law, & examination of our Nation's historical archives, remain highly suspect; and lack of Presidential ethics, weighs heavily against our Nation's best interests...

And as Obama handlers throw more "voter" crumbs, using more distorted U.S. history; one can't help but notice how Int'l borderless contracts are met with an inconvenient DRUG WAR......

(All a part of "el resistance")

VIDEO: La Raza Attacks Americans (A. Jones) [view]

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