Journalist strays from liberal talking-points; suspended for being too partisan

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Lending a new definition to "Truth shall set you Free."
Evidently "sunlight is [no longer] the best disinfectant."


-Another stifling attempt by White House MSM; back-fires...
-O’Donnell nearing $2 million mark since winning primary [read]

"Anonymous sources" at the station said he lapsed into partisan territory; but most (viewers) found it particularly refreshing, over the usual directive of "blame-Bush." -Gateway has [more]
-By now, everyone sees that the current Administration's FAILED Cloward-Piven policies, continue to dismantle our private sector.

Other Video News....

VIDEO: Obama: "Even If I Was Purple" People Would Be Frustrated [view]
Part of the problem IS purple - SEIU purple!

VIDEO: Question from Townhall: "Is this my new reality?" [view]
Answer: No. It's going to get a lot worse after Obama redistributes your earnings, spends away your children's future and drives this country off the cliff.

New Rules For Wall Street Play Havoc On Main Street
The clamp-down on big banks and brokerage houses is hobbling independent advisers and confusing investors...

-Lydon's ETF picks; et (ETF Analyzer)
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