Slow-mo Tempus ll (video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (Amsterdam)

Just found this at AceHQ...
(Overnight open thread, by Maetenloch)

Interesting fourth dimension visual process...
Great videography...

Tempus II from Philip Heron on Vimeo.

Shot: Photron SA1.1, Directed/Produced by Philip Heron/James Adair.

To me, this video is somehow instrument in embracing intuitive levels of over-coming [grief] as part of the human condition in emotional body. :#

We release these levels through our perception, which controls our outward emotions; as unique process of neuronal interaction, common to [glial cells] of 90% of the brain... :D

Flying with Grandmother from Amsterdam to Alaska; and then onward to her home in Northern California... Wishing you good thoughts.

Interesting Links...
Birth into 4th dimension: VIDEO.
Our levels of awareness of evolution of sacred geometry = unique.
Some are already in the 11th dimension, as patient spirit teachers.

VIDEO: 3rd & 4th: Sacred Geometry and Magnetics: VIEW.
What we send to our level of awareness we embrace, process, & evolve.

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