Scrapping NASA Scientific effort: "The Last Frontier of Progressive Left"

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (US/France)

There are consequences for the left's failure to follow through & prioritize our Nation's rich heritage of human & robotic exploration.
VIDEO: Constellation: 2010/12

U.S. Voters will always remember how this "progressive" Administration wasted 100's of billions on phantom Corporate funding "give-aways"; while denying funds which could have furthered NASA Missions for Decades...

For now...
"The fate of the program to send humans back to the Moon or to Mars rests in the limbo of Congressional bill-making." Read.

What does NASA's Historic Space Mission represent to Scientists?
-Video below, from: Alex Pasternack (

"Exploration and expansion is the reason we have NASA"

Alex Pasternack writes:
Last week, NASA sent pink slips to over a thousand more workers on its Space Shuttle program, which is slated to end next year, leaving the U.S. without a manned space vehicle for the first time in its history. Read more.
NOTE: It will take a House (and Senate) cleaning, to restore our life-long effort & priority toward Scientific achievement; and to resume our unique combination of Teamsmanship & cooperation with our Int'l partners.

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-How to Weld U.S. Future (Doomed) Spaceship Together

--27 Astronauts & Astronaut-ish People Agree:
NASA Needs To Return to the Moon

-This was U.S. future space craft; Finally ready for testing

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