Obama signs legislation to finally cut dead people off of Fed benefits... But can they can still vote? :O

Posted by D.C. Worth for Barbay (US/France)

Had to do a "double-take" on this article from NYdailynews.

Image: Hoffman/Bloomberg

Felons and fugitives have done better than the dead, as more than $230 million has gone to 14,000 prisoners and fugitive felons who are not eligible for federal payouts. Read.

Update: With improper payments hitting nearly $110 billion in 2009 - the highest ever... GOV incompetence gave the dead, the funds that would've prevented NASA Scientists from being laid-off by the Obama Team. Of course, the money the Gov might recover, is only likely to pay for the Gov recovery program (as usual.)

Sounds like the proper time to introduce a new film, coming out this Fall... It's called, "I Want Your Money." The Documentary takes a provocative look at the role that the Fed Gov plays in our daily lives; and the high cost of freedom & lost opportunity, to support a Leviathan-like bureaucratic state...

Everybody knows in 2010, that "Gifts for Votes" are repaid in inflated goods...

The Documentary compares two contrasting views...

1) Obamanomics: The view that the elite in Washington know how to best allocate your wealth, as there is no end to the “good” the government can do by taking and spending other peoples’ money in an ever-burgeoning list of programs...

2) Reganomics: The view that the money you earned as yours and best allocated by you which championed the traditional American dream; played out millions of times through generations of Americans, improving one’s lot in life and even daring to dream and build big...

Vote wisely, as we move to flat tax; or it will be extra-taxation on the B.O. Voters; as wealth retreats....... Have a nice Day.

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