Gov solutions which drive the economy; not harvest from it. [Christie vs Obama]

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Gov. Christie still receives overwhelming support for his integrity to take action & save the state; amidst brutal, sacrifice-filled proposals.

And while Christie is focused on making N.J. private sector businesses competitive & State Government solvent; Obama is driving the private sector into more Government debt.

Image: AP; Daylife

-July's: Edison, N.J. visit.

On the one hand, Obama administration admits that too much borrowing & spending created this mess; but on the other, his only solution brought forward, is more borrowing & spending...

Gov Christie is finding solutions, by reducing burdens which create dependency upon borrowing... In that (agree or not) blaming is not a Leadership direction; and the ability to find solution, drives the economy; instead of harvesting from it.

A couple of suggestions:
1) Repeal the 16th Amendment and pass the FairTax (or FlatTax)
The economy will recover by itself...

2) Fed Gov should place its "massive increase in GOV workers" into temporary part-time positions, or reduce benefits; and this will immediately ease the GOV burdens placed upon private sector recovery... NOW!

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