Future Afghan missions via (UAS) delivery environment; & remote MED treatments

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

The world has felt such loss as Medical Professionals & Peace workers, remain at exceptionally high risk...Until Nations can pledge a safer environment to reduce the risk for MED experts & aid distributors; we must seek to replace this risk, if we're to further world missions.

Through hearts and life contribution, they have sought a better life for fellow man... As long as the country remains in suffrage, and is denied basic needs; what would be abundant through God, will remain in despair...

Replacing ground movement of Medical & aid assistance, via unmanned aerial system (UAS) environment; & use of remote medical treatments; will help to save the lives of many...

US Team K-MAX is already using UAS, which can lift and deliver a full 6,000 lbs of cargo, aid, and Medical supplies, at sea level; and more than 4,000 pounds at 15,000 ft density altitude. #

MED exams & procedures, to a ltd degree, can be perfected remotely... VIDEO: da Vinci Surgical System link: VIEW.

Enabling upgraded Troop Med Facility:
The Robotic Operating Room...
Interesting Robotic paramedic of the future.. View of the future of battlefield medicine.

Video: Demo of the traumapod concept

I believe in the positive, as Afghan's ability to transcend as a secure Nation to both neighbors, and its own people, will find value; and walk with the world...

For now, we can't forget the many who tried to make this so...
VIDEO: The World stops in Wotton Bassett: VIEW.

Today's Links....
Lockheed News — March 17, 2010 — In January, 2010, the Unmanned K-MAX helicopter demonstrated autonomous and remote control flight over both line-of-sight and satellite-based beyond line-of-sight data link. #

Tags: medecins sans frontieres, UAS, K-MAX, traumapod concept, USMC

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