Video: "Give Us Rain"...Russia LIVE

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Пусть будет дождь

Satsura & Max Lorens -
Give Us Rain -Russia LIVE

Praying for rain and safety for Russia & their rescue workers...
These fires are usually in Siberia and the Far East... But sadly, this year they're in Western Russia, near major population centers...

Today's Links...
NASA discovers giant breach in Earth's magnetic field.
"The opening was huge— 4X wider than Earth itself." Read.

Breach could result in stronger geomagnetic storms, and...
Characteristic are 'meteors and asteroids'...
Image: Tom A. Warner; (12/13/07 -0654:51)

VIDEO: Putin Pours Cold Water on Two Fires;
and One Critic: VIEW.

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