Red-level warning, as thousands flee Mt Sinabung in Karo, N Sumatera (Indonesia)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Volcano erupts on Indonesia's Sumatra after 400 years
JAKARTA (Reuters) - A volcano erupted on Indonesia island of Sumatra, Sunday...Sending smoke 1500 meters..[read]

And here's Mt Sibayak. A small stratovolcano w/ a height of 2094 meters; overlooking the town of Berastagi N. Sumatra, Indonesia... Last eruption occurred in 1600...
VOLCANO ERUPTS IN [ring of fire]

A Search and Rescue team official told AFP:
"The ash has spread to a distance of 30 kilometres (20 miles) from the volcano. Many of the villagers evacuated were farmers and they said the ash had settled on their vegetable farms." [read]
(Hope this isn't the case.)

-Convergent land-mass shift: Oceanic plate sinks because it is more dense; applying underground pressure, resulting in release of volcanic pressure.
Seated along a band of seismic activity... Indonesia's 500 volcanoes, are an earth record...

Apparently, the black smoke helped speed-up the evacuation...
Looks like the drive is worse than the volcano: [here] and [here]

Today's Volcano Links...
Never live-blog a Volcano...
-Volcano erupts after 9000 years: [view]

-Video of lava flow from the Pacaya Volcano: [view]
Volcanic eruption & Agatha rain... (what a mess!)

-More Eyjafjallajokull (Night Time Eruption) [view]

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