Update: Massive Honor Rally unites multi-culture U.S; absent most 'old-media' press

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

VIDEO: To Restore Honor (& Unity) [view]
"I Too Have a Dream":
Video: Dr. Alveda King's Speech: [view]

Media invalidates crowd-size to "87,000" (or so) [read] More accurate crowd figures exceeded 400,000... But this was MEDIA's-miscalculation; as -EACH- Honor Rally attendee represents at least 100,000 patriots unable to attend.
-Freeps reports, "The denseness of the crowd that day generated so much body heat, the air was wavy in the long shots."

-VIDEO: Full Wash DC Restoring Honor Rally: [view]
-VIDEO: View BEST Star Spangled Banner Yet! [here]

It will be interesting to see how a majority of U.S. people of every nationality can re-shape an "Old-Media" press, TV, and full Journalist content.

Appears that U.S. Media-outlets are a massive buy-in from foreign Governments; who help drive their U.S. GOV policy.. Some are same foreign GOV's w/ populations who love Freedom; but lack free press.
So... We'll stand as U.S. Sovereigns; for their Freedom, too!!

No small conviction; as most come to America to be free of Governmental constraints; not to see Freedom devoured from the Nation... But today, it was Honor for troops.

-God Bless & Honor America's Finest!

Today's Links...
-Restoring Honor (NON-Political Invite) brings...
60,000 of America's elite troops such as Navy SEALs, Army Green Berets and Rangers, Air force combat controllers and Marine Corps special operators.
-Donate at: Restoring Honor Site.
-Non-political fundraiser for Special Operations Warrior Foundation.
(non-profit support & assistance to families of wounded & fallen)

Google Maps Misplace Lincoln Memorial: [screenshots]
In favor of Franklin D. Roosevelt Memorial… (Haha)

Video: A small group rallied for division: [view]
"Old-Media" is right on the report... Heh.

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