NASA: Comanche Outcrop Mars, Indicates Hospitable past: Update: w/ what's new

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

Amidst Dem GOV "stalemate on exploration"... U.S. private efforts underway; absent need for Moon-base! (More on this later)

-Image: [Enlarge]
-Credits: Mars E.R.M., JPL, NASA

US Motto:
"We just get it done, that's why" :D

-Awesome Space Shuttle from hangar to liftoff:
-ht/ACE: Genghis (overnight thread) -Mentioning Pocono Joe...
(Sound arrives, somewhere after 3:00.)

-Produced by: Scott Andrews, Stan Jirman, and Philip Scott Andrews
Special thanks to: Alan Poindexter, the crew of STS-131
And to the help & support of everyone at Kennedy Space Center

What's New...
US AP & S's currently working on an exciting (private) construct...
As is sure not to disappoint, stay tuned. :#

Dr. "H" designing revolutionary new materials away from current chip & magnet technology... (Private) US/Japan allied Tech... :)

Dr. "H" also has a new "light" invention... Miniature, brilliant...

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