Coast Guard given orders to halt clean-up; & as White House delays effective clean-up solutions; pursues "cap & trade schemes"

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

VIDEO: Gov Jindal frustrated over decision-making red tape: VIEW.
Fed Gov impeding State & local GOV clean-up operations; making this day's "lingering inaction" a deeper threat to wetlands...

And as of this writing... It's 60 days later, and State Governors are still delayed the vital Federal action needed, to prevent total destruction...

And look at this! Cousteau had already presented this technology...
Obama Administration: Z-z-z-z...Z-z-z-zz

Cousteau, President & founder of the Ocean Futures Society; said the practice of dispersing chemicals into the Gulf has been a mistake because it kills marine life...He called the Deepwater Horizon spill, which started on April 20..... Still no commitment. #

Video: mobile water treatment plants, use a nonchemical oxidation to process...

Michael Vinick, chairman of Ecosphere Technology, said that 24 to 26 units ready to go in the region; as units can be placed on barges and taken out to sea. Each unit can process one million gallons of water daily... #

Vinick added that the oxygenation process brings much-needed oxygen to plant life in the marshes, which are robbed of it when they are coated with crude oil. The process of adding oxygen also revives sea life. Read more.

Obama Team ignored Governor Jindal’s demand for three million feet of absorbent boom material on May 24th; and also ignored Packgen (Maine Co) who had produced extra stock for the region... Read.
Later insisting that Packgen’s boom didn’t meet its quality standards...

Engineering analysis shows Packgen boom "superior"
Gov Joint Command Packgen responded by having an outside analyst inspect its product. Read.

And everyone knows that ships aren't going to be on the waters without the proper fire extinguishers & lifejackets; as is already GOV mandated.

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