Tax reductions & economic Freedom... Remember November

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

As Democrats punish those who produce growth, they impact inflationary tax upon the very populations of which they seek support... How do we create middleclass growth? By producing, not looting. :D

Today's Links...
Video: Dan Mitchell on Govt. Unions vs. Taxpayers: VIEW.
Quick Kudlow interview w/ Dan (Cato Institute)...
UNIONS ARE THE REASON for 40% of the budget deficit!

Article: New Bank Taxes under Financial Reform,
will raise borrowing costs, hurt growth:

N. Korea lifts private market restrictions; to prevent famine; Read.
And B.O. Administration adopts old Pyongyang Policy...
Remember November!

Video: Global Flat Tax revolution! (Dan Mitchel) VIEW!

Obama’s tax increases will ruin economic recovery: Worthington
"Politicians have difficulty seeing how lowering taxes can increase tax revenues. The public doesn’t have the same problem." Read.

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