"They're monsters in attitude, too" -Wade

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

Video: Animal Planet’s "River Monsters"... View here.
Image: Jeremy Wade - [Enlarge]

Freeps posted an article about this angler biologist who scouts the world's waters in search of "Monster Fish"... (Image, giant Piranha)

I was only looking for some of the endangered species that the Louisianans are rushing to save.... And found this horrifying Louisiana story!

River Monsters - Alligator Gar from Luke Wiles on Vimeo.

Sorry, don't have the sequel; but good sign they'd lived to tell the tale.

Louisiana could build a massive, hurricane-proof pyramid, to protect some of the endangered species... And then move these 'CAGED' Gators to the front lines; hoping they'd acquire a taste for crude (oil) ... Haha

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