Militants fill vaccum placed by decades of Government's "cross-border agenda"

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

Hispanic citizens are indeed, a great part of U.S. Society...
Media "baits" and then portrays divided societies; thus tossing blame upon people... But everyone knows that Government(s) are still the problem.

U.S. Citizens and Mexico's Citizens are in danger; but if you will notice, this does not really make the Government's #1 priority list... As U.S. & Mexican GOV, Bank Lobbyists, & associates, aided by MSM propaganda; reach for civil rights, to shame, defer solution; thus funding & favors resume.

The answer is obviously to Screen EVERYONE, equally...
But these are logical solutions, except to Governments avoiding nuance of Militants... Instead, Cartels reportedly use personal "enforcer gangs" to perpetuate violence, & intimidate Mexican citizens, & American U.S.

A weaponry expert recognizes Mexican Militant's various (non-US) arms possessions; from the most unusual places... But this remains of little interest to either Government... As Mexico seeks to vilify the U.S; and the U.S. seeks its agenda to strip '2nd amendment' rights of U.S. citizens...

Examples of Government Agenda:
Today, Arizona has become the second Highest Kidnapping Rate in the World... Second only to Mexico... Yet, Obama, Home Land Security, and U.S. Attorney General, threaten to challenge Arizona's identity screening laws; while failing refusing to offer FED security to this State!
[Bank Lobbyists/Votes/ gun control]

Mexico's Government calls drug violence a threat to the Mexican state; but condemns its neighbors (Arizona) for implementing a screened entry into the U.S; calling it a violation of Human Rights...
[Keeping Bank routes clear for Citizens & Cartels]

So, as you can see... This has nothing to do with Race, but populations designed to serve a certain purpose... Though, when you are talking about who needs to be protected, I hope you will see that bureaucrat's jobs and Agenda mean NOTHING compared to the safety and lives of -ALL- citizens...
**IMPEACH: Dereliction of duty! Bring in troops to end violence... Delegate YOUNG, NEW, Leaders for Both Mexico and U.S! Use equal land -in between- for industry, to keep families together; and peace for all... END THIS, NOW!

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