Cosmic community; for that "peaceful" home away from home

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)... [9 -videos]

Image: NASA -Spinelli Spacelab- barbayview

-A New Beginning (1985) VIEW.

-Habitat 2 (1994) VIDEO. *<[;o)~~

-Big View: Link.
Living in space... The new "Hope and Change"... (reversal)
And as an entirely confusing world emerges... A holiday is space sounds like just the ticket... (without the Herbig-Haro object! VIEW!)

-Below, a few videos; including a trip to the country...
Have a lovely day...

Today's Links...
-NASA 1975: Space Settlement Study Group: VIDEO.

NASA's Apollo 17 (1972) VIDEO.
Describing the "ship" in the video. It is a rock, igneous in origin because he mentions 'orthositic gabbro', 'glass' and 'inclusions'...
-With Clarifications!VIDEO.

-Eleventh Dimension? VIDEO.
-(No wonder they can't see us... But would we want them to?)

-Country Living (in space) VIDEO.

-Abbott's Orbit of LSR 1610-00; Digital Universe: VIDEO.

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