B.O. thinks Wall Street has made "enough money"

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)... [5 -videos]

Look at these Zombies applaud...
"All of this Wall Street money, has got to change"...

-Ht: ZIP (Zippers) Who cut it short, thanks...
-Full at: RealClearPolitics.
-More at ReasonTV
Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel. -Samuel Johnson: 1775
-Democrats attempt to "demonize to disassociate" with Wall Street, after their "life-or-death bailout-funds go toward Wall Street bonuses...

Even a little "smear" against the (Conservative) "No's" who said, "No."
VIDEO: Demonizing Prosperous Mitt: VIEW.

VIDEO: Dem Political Capitalists, like to "beat-upon" Market Capitalists…
***Language (RE-MIX) VIEW.

VIDEO:Here's Dems vision of -ALL- prosperous Tax-payers: VIEW.

Today's Links...
The 3 most damning graphs in modern American politics:
here, and here, and here. (Redstate)
Atomic Conspiracy says, "can you imagine if every conservative moved out of the blue states.... Millions moving from NY,MA,VT,NH,CT,NJ,IL,MN, and they all moved to NM,CO,AZ,FL,VA,NC,UT,ID... There would be hardly any one left to pay their welfare"...

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