Our Beaches are our National Treasure

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

I feel so very sad for my countrymen, of whose pride and joy is met with such devastation... They are absolutely heart-broken...

Image: NASA: Earth Observatory

Int'l cooperation has joined the team of Ostego Bay Environmental Response Co-op; and Cape Canaveral Marine Services backup; who are designed especially for something as unpredictable as this... And of course, with assistance of Military, equipment, & man-power...
In all such circumstances, this is one by which we shall over-come...

In a Journal reference from newscientist:
Oil and water mix and un-mix on demand #
I'm reading here of the use of the current to direct the long streaks toward a series of filters and surfactant used to to bind oil, which can be transported more easily through a pipeline... And then re-separate the slick, filtered atop the water into large tankers... (Cont.)

In the post clean-up...
The filtered molecules become long-chain alkyl amidines, consisting of a long, stringy alkyl chain of hydrocarbons that bind to oils... At the other end of the alkyl chain is an amidine group which also binds to oils...

On exposure to carbon dioxide, the amidine end changes into a bicarbonate salt, which is hydrophilic and binds to water. This makes the long molecule into a functioning surfactant that binds oil and water.
In a Journal reference from newscientist:
Journal reference: Science (vol 313, p 958) Read more.

Many have questioned about the over-all safety of so many drilling in this tourist/sanctuary backyard; who may not (perhaps) have the sort of massive environmental clean-up groups so readily available, with which to respond.

And whether or not this potential 'unpreparedness' does place compromise against natural parks full of waterfowl and rare wildlife... Not to mention the chance of imperil to these state's fisheries industry, which produces a significant portion of US seafood... Personally, I can see several ways at which the US is not safer in this world, as she might have been before...

We have to believe that the best days are ahead of us...

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