Hungary swings RIGHT in landslide vote! Next: UK, US, & JP; along with DE, IT & FR

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

Image: AP;Viktor Orban, former PM, Fidesz
Leads Landslide Victory over Socialist/Left

-Center-right Fidesz wins big in Hungary elections: #
Hungarian's Sunday election was set to usher in a new centre-right Fidesz government, ending eight years of Socialist rule! The governing Socialists, whom many Hungarians blame for their dismal economy, were far behind with 19.3 percent and 28 seats...#

#1) Put people to work, by easing tax-burden!
-VIDEO: Centre-right Fidesz party spokesman (2:25) VIEW.
Inefficient tax system of "the very few paying a very high tax with little return" ...To "the many at a VERY reasonable rate."-Isn't that clear?

-Hungarians Return Orban to Power, Reject Government, Austerity: #
Orban has pledged to cut payroll taxes and simplify income taxes over the next four to six years. He has also said he will cut in half the number of local councils and eliminate half of the seats! Watch Hungary recover! Read.
-U.S. (Right) will follow right behind you, in 2010!

-Balance & logical thinking...
Quotes from Law Mgmt/Dir: JamesGRickards
1) "Only sound money, lower taxes, light regulation and a heavy dose of unpleasant but unavoidable deflationary medicine will put us on the path to sustainable growth."
2) "In markets, the array of individual thresholds is immensely complex. The scale, interdependence and adaptability of market participants today are greater than ever. It would take very little to trigger a wholesale revulsion with sovereign debt."
3) "You cannot tax your way to solvency in a world of low growth and compound interest."
Today's Links...
-Conservatives Top Labour in Polls; with Conservatives picking up 39% of support, Labour with 32% and the smaller opposition Liberal Democrats with 16% ahead of election May 6.

-For the U.S. I see integral & strong leadership from the only State able to survive Obamanation! Uphold our Constitution: VIDEO.

In the News...
-EPA aims to regulate airports’ use of deicing fluid; drawing safety concerns from pilots, and airlines! #
-Leftist/Socialists are (literally) killing America!
-The latest:

"Critics say the new rules would have an unintended consequence — imperiling airport safety... They say the record-setting blizzards that recently buried the East Coast show how unworkable the regulation would be during winter weather." Read.

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