wsj video: Advanced Physicians on the battlefield; 451st Air Expeditionary Wing

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

In praise of our volunteer Physicians, their expertise, and dedication; now saving troops lives; in a small Medvac wing in Afghanistan...
Image: Kate Brooks; "Dr. John York"

-WSJ's Alan Cullison reports: From the 451st Air Expeditionary Wing medevac unit in Kandahar Province, Afghanistan... And Medical advancements which lead to greater survivability...

These Physicians are able to combine more techniques to save the lives of injured troops; due to an America which broadens freedom of innovation... Advanced techniques acquired in the private sector; and not derived from a rationed healthcare model.

Consequently, these Medical advancements have led to greater survivability of war wounds among U.S. troops in Afghanistan and Iraq; as well as solving greater complications in caring for survivors...

Meanwhile back at home...
-Health Law Bans New Doctor-Owned Hospitals...
Blocks Expansion of Existing Ones... read.
-Government is directly limiting (stifling) innovations...

60 Hospitals Cancelled Due to Implementation of New Health Law:‎ #
After the passage of the new Health Care Law, which aims to have... Read more.

-Negative Medical Impact from H.C. Legislature... #
Add that to the MASS deficit, Obamacare Creates. [LINK]

Healthcare overhaul won't stop premium increases: #
Who knew? A look at Massachusetts HC, revealed this.

-Democrats Skip Passing Budget! read.
"Be sure and rush in your premiums for 2014 Insurance"... (Sarcasm)

-I guess we'll have to go to Afghanistan to get rapid care; and send troops home to secure freedom of choice, set forth in our Constitution... (Sarcasm)

-VIDEO: Ronald Reagan's 4 Min Talk: VIEW.

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