STS-131 spacewalk extended; Update: Video compilation of SaturnV, added

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

Image: NASA STS-131 Mastracchio; ISS Friday Spacewalk
-Amazing look back into time: Saturn V Mission -And History..
-BIG VIEW: VIDEO. (new window)
-Video compilation: Sonic Bomb
-Music Credits: Vangelis ft. Stina Nordenstam - 'Ask the Mountains.'

We have to look forward, and still look back to see that with each delay comes goals set much higher; & have set humanity 30 years off schedule.

NOTE: The Space Shuttle was initially conceived of as a cargo transport to be used in concert with the Saturn V; and later unveiled plans to construct the heavy-lift Ares V rocket; a Shuttle Derived Launch Vehicle using some existing Space Shuttle and -Saturn V infrastructure...

Bring back Griffin to help define NASA Space goals, & implement them... I would suggest completing Constellation, and (unmanned/manned) alternate multi-stage expendable rocket, using upgraded Saturn V technology... NOW.

A little History...
-Three Saturn Vs on Display Teach Lessons in Space History #
Saturn V (1969-1985)
No rocket like it has flown for more than 20 years... It was called Saturn V, and on May 14, 1973, the last of its kind lifted NASA's Skylab space station into orbit. Before that, 12 other Saturn V launch vehicles had lofted a dozen Apollo spacecraft into the heavens. Six of those missions took men to the surface of the moon. <1>

The 363-foot tall, three-stage launch vehicle produced as much power as 85 Hoover Dams. <2> Together the five F-1 engines in the Saturn V first stage produced 7.5 million pounds of thrust. The vehicle weighed more than 6 million pounds at liftoff. <3>

Saturn V would have been the prime launch vehicle for the canceled Voyager Mars probes , and was to have been the launch vehicle for the nuclear rocket stage RIFT test program and the later NERVA.

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