Old unearthed (D) Byrd video; as he single-handedly stopped Demcare reconciliation

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

Video from ACE shows the way things were, during the last Democrat attempt of Gov Medical takeover... When Constitutional ethics were worth standing up for; but as we witness today, perhaps more profitable to clam up?

-HT:Naked Emperor News.

-VIDEO: A month ago: Political theater at it's worst. View Here.

Now the people, who vote to give themselves raises, are realizing that they are likely to lose their Senate and Congressional seats, due to continual party-line votes, that go against the consent of the governed...

But where Democrats destroy themselves every time; is due to lack of restraint in "over-taxation" and "over-stuffing" BILLS with pork!
HOTAIR: Will Dems add Student Loans to Healthcare? Read.
Student loans on top of tax-payers obligation to provide Healthcare for the uninsured? I pay for others tuition, while paying for my own? Read.
(And I’m studying Constitutional Law, & none of this is in it!)

-VIDEO: One Democrat (sort-of) admits to 'premium hike'- View.
We already know that 'U.S. States' that have implemented this program, impacted more than double premiums; and experienced rationing & huge medical-care delays...

This bill will (obviously) raise deficit much higher than if we would just use Constitutional free market principals to improve affordability for all...

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-Mob Tactics Used to Push Health Control Through: Read.

And let's not forget the "props"...
-Obamacare Road Show, Pt. II: Read.

-Patients' medical records go online without consent: Read.

-Senate Health Care Bill Dead on Arrival:
Pro-Life House Democrats Say.... Read more.

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