Interview w/ Charles Djou, for U.S. Congress; Hawaii's special election

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

Moe Lane interviews Charles Djou; candidate for Neil Abercrombie's seat in the special election April/May/Nov. (one of those complicated ones.)

-His website is

Bright & energetic, with much emphasis on fiscal responsibility; with a transparent, & balanced budget... View issues: Here.

He will work hard to ensure that Hawai‘i receives the funds it deserves but also believes that those funds should come fairly through an open and transparent budget process, following hearings and testimony.

He says, "I have always been an independent voice for the people of Hawaii. I will be an independent voice in Washington."

Djou will also be a low tax Congressman who will continue this long standing fight in Washington; successfully representing the agenda of the people... Just as elected officials are consigned to do.

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