A not so "historic" WH, targets industry & citizens... (w/ video)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

Too bad the 52% voters didn't check to see if their coach wanted our team to win... Today, the Obama Administration creates a rabble of activists, trained to lock down industry... Like lightning, jobs are threatened everywhere our Constitution naturally restricts and opposes plunder & tyranny.

Image: Matt; the newest WH target?

(HT/Momma) Video shows a "shocking display of greed, power, and US Government betrayal of the American People." (Kicks in at 4:16)

We tried to tell voters that bad policy drives up taxation; restrictions bankrupt companies; and the effects quickly spread to voters...
Media called us racists.

Image from FreeThinkerNY:
Bad Hope And Change: Minority Businesses Receiving A Disproportionately Small Number Of Federal Stimulus Contracts"
He says: "That Obama Kool-Aid sure has a bitter aftertaste."

"Constitutional principles restrict the natural greed and inclination of humans and human government to take what is not theirs (plunder) and to force their will upon others (tyranny). The natural tendency for humans and governments to watch others work instead of working and producing, and forcing one’s will upon another is corrected by free enterprise vision made known through the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution." (Anna Yeisley)

Patriots of the Constitution are obligated to protect our Nation, and even those who would mistakenly trade their FREEDOM for temporary security... Considering their history; they should've viewed freedom as their gold.

"Let no more be said about the confidence of men, but bind them down from mischief with the chains of the Constitution". -- Thomas Jefferson

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