NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory Launch

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)


Onboard telescopes will scrutinize sunspots and solar flares using more pixels and colors than any other observatory in the history of solar physics. And SDO will reveal the sun’s hidden secrets in a prodigious rush of pictures. READ. -VIDEO: LIVING WITH A: STAR!

Image: -Steele Hill/NASA
On Dec. 2008, NASA experts observed Solar winds (depicted in red) infiltrating Earth's protective magnetosphere (blue), thought to hold potential for a perilous period of solar storms starting in 2012...

Well, now we see a Deep Solar Minimum.
Enter NASA, into the most relevant HIGH-TECH Solar Mission in Earth's History...

More about the mission...
-VIDEO: NASA's SDO's Helioseismic & Magnetic Imager

Related Video...
VIDEO: Birth of the Sun: VIEW. *<[;o)~~

-VIDEO: SDO Command Accepted

Today's Links...

SDO Takes Off in Superb Launch ##
Softpedia - Tudor Vieru - ‎20 minutes ago‎
After the first canceled launch attempt yesterday, experts managing the new NASA Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO) were... Read.

Satellite could predict Katrina-style solar storms ##
San Jose Mercury News - Dan Elliott - ‎Feb 7, 2010‎
The space agency attributed the delay and costs to difficulties in developing circuitry to handle SDO's big data flow and a launch schedule filled with ...More.

I might add... We will see if this "years in the making" study and its findings, will serve to further separate NASA from the sketchy Climate groups; as some of us already know what they will find... NASA's long history of excellence should find them eager to stand for SCIENCE; resistant to current GOV pressure... The truth will always come to light.

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