NASA -STS-130: First Spacewalk complete; Tranquility Node-install (Cupola)

-Posted by D. C. Worth; for M. Barbay (France & US)

DAY FIVE of the STS-130 mission focused on the first spacewalk and robotics work to install the Tranquility node. Spacewalk completed Fri at 3:49 a.m. EST.

Image Credit: NASA TV
(Mission Specialist Bob Behnken)
A CLOSE-UP! Soichi on ISS

Fantastic Italian Craftsmanship on the CUPOLA... Given a hand by "Dextre" (Canada)... And View Image of Winter Olympics in Vancouver, BC; from Astro Soichi on ISS: "Let the game begin"...

More of Soichi's Artistic ISS photography: on Twitter.

VIDEO CAPTION: STS-130 mission overview animation depicting mission events from heat shield surveys, approach, rendezvous pitch maneuver, docking, tranquility installation, spacewalks, undocking and late inspection.

FIRST WALK: Spacewalkers Nicholas Patrick and Bob Behnken prepared Tranquility for its removal from Endeavour’s payload bay and installed avionics cabling once the new module was in place. Pilot Terry Virts and Mission Specialist Kay Hire operated the station’s robotic arm to install Tranquility with the cupola.

The spacewalkers also removed a tool platform from the station’s special purpose dexterous manipulator, or DEXTRE, while Tranquility was being maneuvered. Station Commander Jeff Williams and Hire began a leak check of the interface to Tranquility.

PS: Hoping America's Cup will race today. Wind was kicking up in Spain. (More later)

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