Joker Regime burns Obama effigy; proving you need do absolutley nothing to earn this

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

Question is, when will the Mullahs start taking responsibility for ending the 1979 Revolution? Where laws of destructuion & creation aren't blurred amidst their part in less-transparent Atomic enrichments.

Image: From the collection

Their fate is through their own hand, and inability to become reformational; not from "the west" as touted.

There's a real tragedy in what they have compromized to resurect a former era that will never return... And their attempts to force this, have proxied many an implosive and unhealed society.

Image: Joker

Their causes remain suspect, trust-level fleeting; and consigned positionings, confusingly harsh to the community...

We've Muslim friends & family from this region; yet this Regime can only commit to our destruction?
Image: rfe

In this on-going drama with a cast of clowns; a 'cut-off' of funding will highlight the real Regime players; who (as history reveals) will surface, reform; or just simply dissolve... when not supported.

Their stun was supposed to be "invisible drones"…
But thanks to an historic event, today...
A "shield" (not an attack) rules at the end of the day...

BREAKING: Historic Intercept:
Airborne Laser Shoots Down Ballistic Missile
(Ht/ Gateway)

-Using my intuition... Here's my maps of "watch-out" areas.
HERE. and HERE. (Will update from time to time.)

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