Study links spring ozone over N. America with emissions abroad (NOAA at UC)

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

"Background ozone" entering N. America, increased over the past 14 years & probably over the past 25 years." The influence of ozone from Asia and other sources on ground-level air quality is a question for further study.

"When air is transported from a broad region of south & east Asia, the trend is largest."

-Statements: Owen R. Cooper
Image: NASA/JPL Lidar/ NOAA

These increases in ozone could make it more difficult for the United States to meet Clean Air Act standards for ozone pollution at ground level, according to a new international study published online Jan. 20 in the journal Nature.

Scientists will need to routinely measure ozone levels close to the surface at several locations along the West Coast to see whether similar trends are impacting ground-level air quality.
More information on the study: Here.

Nation's Emissions Declarations at end of month: Read.
"India, China, Brazil and South Africa, which meet this weekend, are likely to insist on deep cuts from developed nations but offer few concessions of their own."
Int'l Article talks about the Massachusetts Senate seat as a set-back to meaningful negotiations??? Read.

Mr. Obama's new Bill may be 'indirectly' penalizing U.S. citizens with additional EPA-driven tax, now confirmed to show marked impact from 'other's Manufacturer's airflow; by which there are no standards.

Remembering... (2002- 08) Dems criticised Bush as he set into place some of the most aggressive NASA Mission programs, to examine Global Warming & issues of Ozone... All the while he preferred to wait until the jury was out, & all major polluters joined... before signing bills into law.

Today's Links...
-Formal description about Lidar: Read.

-World Governance Program: [PDF]
-Trust me, 99% of US citizens won't accept a second congress.
-VIDEO: World Governance describes OZONE.

On the brighter side...
Table Mountain Observatory (TMO) is JPL’s dedicated astronomical observing facility; located near the town of Wrightwood, California...Altitude 7500 ft
(Los Angeles Nat'l Forest.) Accommodates overnight observers. VIEW.

"Stargazers" delight: What we'll be doing when we can't buy imports.

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