Audio: Horror lobbyist policy that would have stayed in the healthcare bill merge

-Posted by D. Worth (US) | for- M. Barbay (France)

Dem Majority rejects poison apple! #
Republicans suggested (for a full year) to start fixing Medicare and the VA, giving tax breaks to health care providers who expand their offerings & increase the payouts to providers who take Medicare and Tricare patients...

Had Democrat Majority considered the Republican's plan (instead of calling them obstructionists) Healthcare providers would have a surplus, & be in better position to help scale costs, & begin to negotiate larger reach for uninsured... That is, unless that's what Dem's really wanted.

The following AUDIO of the Democrat's Healthbill, highlights most of what appeals to Democrat lobbyists; therefore would likely have been "re-worded" & then crammed back in, after the final vote... -CBO [PDF]

No wonder they couldn't get enough Democrats to vote this in...

They were actually prepared to PUSH this EXACT bill through!

And obvious to analysts was the need for strong and fair Tort Reform, Minority Republicans wanted this last January... A wasted year, and DEM'S are still trying to expand broken programs, which only makes them crumble.

And yet another miscalculation by Democrats, in the merge of two bills... It would still produce policy which will not only crash under the weight of those who want free; it will rapidly double what you pay now...

Obama says, don't Ram it through till Scott takes a seat... Enough already! Let this one die! Americans are tired of the same old song...
Video: JAWA

Nancy says, "there are a few financial issues, & policy issues."

Think about it... The fact that they remove the cap which increases every expense to tax-payers; but place a huge cap on Healthcare benefits; should really make a person stop and think...

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