Flooding, mudslides, tornadoes; as a worse than "typical" El Nino, hits all of California

-Posted by D. C. Worth; for M. Barbay (France & US)

Map: cimss.ssec.wisc.
First US tornado of 2010: In So. California, of all places!

("possible" mudslides: upgraded!)

Hope the reversal in Arctic Ocean circulation (evidenced by NASA) isn't going to impact new weather patterns; thus making California suceptable to Tornadoes... A shift of gulf-stream could mean trouble... After recent stages of arson (fires) ocean salinity factor, comes to mind...

Our lake turns into raging ocean, as So. Cal storms batter their way though the state... In other parts of California, trees are toppled by high winds; and in others, mud slides force thousands of California residents to evacuate from their homes...

News Channel.. (Oops just noticed this video is old.)
But this is definitely a worse than typical "El Nino"...

Lightning is flashing through my home, and I expect to loose power, soon... Will post this quickly... Arnie has already left a message for our State.
Remember, we went the FULL Global warming prevention... haha.

Think good thoughts...

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