Haitian Pyramids in country-side: self-sustaining; recycled building materials

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

-HUGE: Haiti Quake (Rubble) VIEW FROM AIR (new window)

-Haitians need structures that are safe, spacious & sustaining...

-Image: (above) The Great Pyramids (Gizeh)

(Top-l) Country-side pre-quake photo: Haiti
(Top-r) Pyramids (same grid-energy) amidst earth-changes

Vision: Clearing and recycling concrete building materials, etc; in such a way that structures could provide self-sustained living, safety.
(Image 3) Gizeh-style project could change the way we survive in fault-lines.

Haitians are very hard-working people, & this could energize their future.
I think it is an answer for all; & certainly many people to help them.

-French Architect Claims to Have Solved Pyramid Secret: ##
PARIS — A French architect claimed Friday to have uncovered the mystery about how Egypt's Great Pyramid of Khufu was built — with use of a spiral ramp to hoist huge stone blocks into place. Read more.

-Le grand voyage d'Ibn Battuta: VIEW!

-Architect Jean-Pierre Houdin: HERE.
-ALSO: 3-D Models of pyramids.

-Pyramid City (Dubai) VIEW!
-Dubai: Million people, solar-powered, self-sustainable.

Pyramid Videos.... (new window)
VIDEO: Пирамида Новорижское шоссе: VIEW.

Walter Pyramid of Cal State University: VIEW.
-Film-maker: Lionel Jackman; US- California State University Long Beach has become a cultural icon for the college and the city of Long Beach.

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