Coming soon, Branson's underwater plane (view 1/3) with Videos

-Posted by D. C. Worth; for M. Barbay (France & US)

VIEW: ...PROTOTYPE! ...More soon.
Branson's craft is three times larger than image shown!
Image: Hawkes Super Falcon.

VIDEO: DF Super Falcon VIEW!

-VIEW: Aviator.
-VIDEO: Flight Demonstration

Sir Richard Branson plans 'underwater plane'
From Telegraph:
"The Nymph is being built by Hawkes, an American company. It has three bubble cockpits giving occupants wide-angle views and is steered with a joystick, like some fighter jets...

The £415,000 carbon fibre prototype Necker Nymph will swoop 130ft under the surface but Sir Richard, is building a stronger version to go deeper than any sub has ever been." Read.
Discussion with Graham Hawkes...

Today's Link...
They're petting SHARKS?... Barefoot???
Ordinary yachts. Pet sharks...
And restaurant music that's a little much. (Haha)

The Seattle 1000: Images.
The Most Luxurious Sub in the World: US subs.

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