Blatant media fraud, against youth's "March for Life"... (Video)

-Posted by D. C. Worth; for M. Barbay (France & US)

People march for life when Gov. invests heavily in abortion & not pregnancy prevention; with lowered access to adoptions, as elections are financed.
Image: Bless God's creation

Video shows Media's intentional misrepresentation, & marginalization of crowds honoring right to life; & curious disdain for talk of respect for life.

(HT/weaselzippers & BreitbartTV)

"Pro-choice" claim that they do not want the Government intervention, but favor Government-intervention programs which force tax-payers to fund abortion.

The answer to "less Government" is pregnancy prevention.

But, as long as "progressive" abortionist movements finance elections... And hundreds of billions of yearly fees for abortions are collected; women will have to sneak to receive guidance to prevent pregnancy...

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