Andrzejewski, Constitutional (R) runs against (5) Chicago insiders, for Governor

-Posted by D. C. Worth; for M. Barbay (France & US)

Running on two executive orders, to enable a run, in a Liberal dominated structure… With a goal of transforming Chicago into a reputable State, which represents the integrity of its people!

Image: Adam Andrzejewski (Change!)

Spending cuts, then tax cuts as a full audit of State Spending, follows up on the money. Andrzejewski is an outsider! And one of my heroes, Lech Walesa, will be speaking at a Chicago Tea Party on Friday...
-Updates: HERE.

(HT/ Gateway Via: Newsalert, and instapundit)

NOTE: Chicagoans didn't get the Olympics, but if they vote right; they'll get back their integrity! Go Adam! Go Chicago! Donate...

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