SOTU: Basically confirmed my suspicion of just how 'screwed-up' this is becoming

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France & US)

Obama whines about Lobbyists, Bankers, Corporations, & Special Interests:
House & Senate Democrats whine about what they voted for. (as usual)

Image:"Bush ruined my Presidency"

-agentG lends a short play-by-play of the State of the Union Address:
"Obama states the federal government should tighten it's belt. No mention of the almost trillion dollars a year for his vacations. Others can sacrifice, but Obama and the wife...

Obama will hammer oil companies which produce energy, hammer finance which generates jobs and hammer families who earn over 250,000 dollars, who buy the things which actually make the economy run.........his hammer is regressive taxes, to pay for his trillion dollar spending.} "##
"America has lost faith, it is not Obama's fault, it's Free Speech by pundits, bankers lending money and CEO's earning their paychecks." Read.

-After the Two Biggest Deficits Since World War II: [CNS]
-And 9000 earmarks crammed in the 2009 Omnibus: [Malkin]
Obama calls for earmark reform, and says:
"Let’s not leave debt for our children." [Gateway]

Today's Links...
Obama Publicly Chastises the Supreme Court; basically disgracing our most distinguished office (And the Supreme Court, too.) Would it have made any difference if he were to have listened to this (actual) U. S. speech, first?

VIDEO: President Reagan's State of the Union Speech - 2/4/86 VIEW.
"Government growing beyond our consent had become a lumbering giant, slamming shut the gates of opportunity, threatening to crush the very roots of our freedom. What brought America back?"

"The American people brought us back — with quiet courage and common sense; with undying faith that in this nation under God the future will be ours, for the future belongs to the free." ~ Ronald Reagan SOTU 1986

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