Stratospheric Cooling more dangerous; CO2 manage, irrigate, green, to absorb

-Posted by D.C. Worth, for Barbay (France/US)

"It’s quite likely that you can absorb all the Carbon Dioxide that you want; at the cost which is far less stopping burning coal and oil. So that is what I am essentially trying to understand."
Fund: [ARM]
(Pull IPCC from projects)

First: It's so predictable that Socialists seem to always deplete their Tax-targeted... This causes much strife amongst their societies, who must find "new Tax targets." Much worse than the "bubble bursts" they try to prevent.
They also create revolts amongst a disproportionately taxed-base; rather than encourage a shared responsibility by all...

Suggestion: I suggest dioxide management of irrigation and greening; remove the IPCC; empower the stifled Scientists to seek solution; and change the venue to: KAUST
Saudi Kingdom’s top climate negotiator, Al-Sabban, called for "independent" international investigation; but said that the UN climate science body was unqualified to carry it out.

The same people Pachauri hails as part of the scientific, peer-reviewed effort conspired to pervert peer review itself. [Via/Hotair] Read.

The Saudis have warned of lack of cause & effect: Read.
In October IPCC; Saudi Kingdom’s top climate negotiator, Al-Sabban spoke of economic and social consequences of response measures, and opposed a structural proposal by some parties to hold the whole section in abeyance pending results from relevant work under the joint SBSTA/SBI contact group and the AWG-KP.

The Earth has gone through thousands (hundred of thousands) of these changes and hey, we're still here... In my view, Saudis hold calm amidst the storm; and maybe can save a panicked world from itself... Preventing fraud; spill-over violence, and potential starvation; due to panic and hysteria in the poorest economies...

IPCC/UN Groups have lost credibility to their cause; as Media ignores Al Gore’s massive Financial ties to 'Global Warming'
Peer reviewed government scientist, Dr. Mark Campbell, joins the growing rank of "dissenting" scientists Read.
(Accuses the media of 'journalistic malpractice.')

Polar Sea Ice Changes are Having a Net Cooling Effect on the Climate.
Greywolf says, "The difference is that the amount of politicians have increased by an alarming number... More or less in strict correlation to the increase in hysteria."

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